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700SE Sensimatic Electrosurge

  • Ready the minute you turn it on. The unit is 100% solid state, so there’s no waiting for a “warm up” before it’s ready to work.
  • Features a safety Sentry Circuit that compares the output of the electrode to the control setting. If the output differs from the setting, the circuit safely deactivates the unit.
  • Has 10 power settings and three modes of operation: CUT, CUT/COAG, and COAG to cover everything from crown and bridge procedures to fulguration.
  • Has a radio frequency output that meets ANSI specifications.
  • Has low-impedance circuitry to adjust power when cutting depth varies. Cutting efficiency remains constant even when an electrode penetrates into highly vascularized tissue.
  • Features an operation light and audible tone to let you know when the unit is in use.
  • Unit includes SIX different electrodes.
Product Name700SE Sensimatic Electrosurge