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Carbocaine 3% Plain 50/Bx

Septodont - Anesthetics
SKU: 991-1430735

Carbocaine 3% Plain 50/Bx

Septodont - Anesthetics
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Prescription Drug

Carbocaine 3% is a local dental anesthetic that causes fast and efficient pain relief. It comes in a no-methylparaben formulation to prevent allergic reactions on sensitive patients. With its quick onset of 30 to 120 seconds in the maxilla and 1 to 4 minutes for the mandible, it provides immediate comfort and relief for patients with dental pain. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • No rubber latex components 
  • Long-lasting anesthetic effects 
  • Minimal side effects and reduced numbness of the tongue and lips
Product NameCarbocaine
ManufacturerCarestream Health
Dispensing SystemCartridge
Package Quantity50/Pk
Dimensions2.4409 x 3.1496 x 5.5118
NotePedigree Item Ineligible for Return

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