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Equia Forte Fil Intro Kit A3

GC America, Inc.
EQUIA is a posterior restorative system that balances quick and easy handling with excellent esthetics in class I, II (non-stress bearing areas) and Class V Posterior Teeth. EQUIA combines GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA and G-COAT PLUS into on economical system that achieves high performing restorations.

  • Intro Kit
  • 50/Bx Equia Fil (Fuji IX Extra), 1 Box Equia Coat (G-Coat), GC Cavity Conditioner
  • A3
Product NameEquia Forte Fil
ManufacturerGC America, Inc.
Dispensing SystemCapsule
PackagingIntro Kit
Package Quantity48/Pk
Dimensions7.6378 x 5.1969 x 4.252