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GUM Hydral Oral Rinse 36/Box

Sunstar Butler

Product Details

GUM® Hydral TM Oral Rinse soothes oral irritation and relieves dry mouth symptoms by mimicking the moistening effects of natural saliva. Our gentle formula instantly creates a moisture shield in your mouth and provides symptom relief and comfort up to 4 hours 

Features and Benefits: 
  • Four unique ingredients that mimic the natural moisturizing effects of saliva: betaine, taurine, sodium hyaluronate, and polyvinylpyrrolidone- which moisturize and lubricate like the body’s natural saliva production 
  • More than 70% of dry mouth sufferers preferred GUM HYDRAL vs their current product 
  • Proven to provide immediate and long-lasting relief for up to 4 hours from the most bothersome dry mouth symptoms to effectively manage mild, moderate and severe dry mouth symptoms 
  • Mild minty flavor, designed for sensitive mouths 
  • Suitable for patients with diabetes