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Quantec Axxess NiTi Endo Files SC 15/.02 25mm #2 5/Pk

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Quantec Axxess NiTi Endo Files SC  15/.02 25mm #2 5/Pk
  • You are now ready to begin the Quantec four-file sequence. Quantec files maintain a tip size of .25 mm throughout the shaping sequence. These steps should result in a canal that is smoothly tapered from apex to orifice, creating a shape that can be easily obturated. 
  • The Quantec four-file sequence begins with a .12 taper file, which is followed by tapers of .10, .08 and finally .06. These files are positioned in their sequence such that each instrument strategically removes dentin along only a portion of the file. 
  • The larger tapers work toward the orifice, allowing the smaller tapers to more easily work toward the apex. These files are passively carried in succession down the canal, repeating the sequence until the .06 file reaches working length.