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Paradigm DeepCure Curing Light

SKU: 516-76974
  • Economical, lightweight model.
  • A predictable, reliable cure, even at the bottom of the proximal box.
  • Better depth of cure when perfect light positioning is difficult.
  • 120 minutes of cure time from a full charge.
  • Updated light guide geometry allows easy access to all tooth surfaces.
  • Simple two-button operation with one cure mode for all indications.
  • Built-in battery with charging plug.
  • Cordless portability with 120 minutes of cure time from a full charge.
  • Lightweight, vent-free plastic housing for easy disinfection. For fast, reliable and effective curing the Paradigmâ„¢ DeepCure Curing Light offers great value. Includes one curing light handpiece, charger, 10mm light guide, eye shield and three curing discs.
Product NameParadigm
Manufacturer3M Espe
Dimensions10.75 x 9.1 x 4.4