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ZR-Cem Syringe 8gm Translucent

Premier Dental
SKU: 424-3001562

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ZR-Cem Syringe 8gm A2

Premier Dental
SKU: 424-3001561

PANAVIA Veneer LC Cement Intro Kit

Kuraray America, Inc.
SKU: 693-4502KA

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ZR-Cem Syringe 8gm Opaque White

Premier Dental
SKU: 424-3001560

ZirCAD Cement 8.5g

SKU: 579-746964EN

Bio-LCB Starter Pack 2/Pk

Essential Dental Systems
SKU: 785-910-02

G-CEM ONE Twin Refill A2

GC America, Inc.
SKU: 677-013673

Turbo Temp 2 Cement 10ml

Danville Materials, Inc.
SKU: 198-91087

Orange Solvent 8oz

Reliance Dental Mfg Inc
SKU: 867-3405

Soothe Desensitizer Syringe 4 x 1.2mL

Southern Dental Industries
SKU: 836-8150002

Orange Solvent Spray Top Bottle 16oz

Reliance Dental Mfg Inc
SKU: 867-3408

Bio-LCB Economy Pack 4/Pk

Essential Dental Systems
SKU: 785-910-04

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G-CEM ONE System Kit

GC America, Inc.
SKU: 677-013672

PANAVIA Veneer LC Cement Paste Clear

Kuraray America, Inc.
SKU: 693-4506KA

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G-CEM ONE Starter Kit Translucent

GC America, Inc.
SKU: 677-013671

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G-CEM ONE Starter Kit A2

GC America, Inc.
SKU: 677-013670

ResiCem AZ Primer 5ml

Shofu Dental Corp.
SKU: 145-3232

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Predicta Bioactive Cement Kit A2

SKU: 685-S631

PANAVIA Veneer LC Cement Paste White

Kuraray America, Inc.
SKU: 693-4508KA

Clean & Boost Gel 1.2mL Syringe

Vista Dental Products
SKU: 250-90058

Dental Cements

Dental cements are materials used to bond restorative materials such as dental crowns, bridges and inlays to teeth. These cements are designed for both dental and orthodontic applications, and can be used for a variety of purposes such as temporary restorations or luting agents. Dental cements offer many features and benefits that make them an ideal choice for dental procedures.
These cements are designed to provide a strong bond, providing superior marginal integrity and prevent marginal leakage. These cements also provide excellent adhesion, forming a durable seal that retains its strength over time. Furthermore, they possess excellent biocompatibility, allowing them to be safely used in contact with the tooth.

What Makes Dental Cements A Must-Have?

Dental cements are easy to use and come in a variety of forms such as powder or paste for convenient application. This makes them an ideal choice for both permanent restorations and temporary applications, providing reliable results with every use. With their combination of strength, adhesion and biocompatibility, dental cements are the perfect solution for many restorative procedures.
Dental cements are an indispensable part of restorative dentistry, providing a reliable and long-lasting bond between the restoration and the tooth structure. Whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary cement solutions, dental cements provide superior results every time. With their variety of features and benefits, these materials are sure to meet your needs no matter what application you’re using them for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does dental cement do?

Dental cements are materials used in dentistry to fill cavities, hold prosthetic devices such as temporary crowns and bridges in place, and seal out bacteria. Depending on the type of cement used, they can provide a long-lasting seal to protect against decay or be easily removed from the teeth when necessary.

What type of dental cements are there?

There are various types of dental cements available for use in a variety of clinical procedures. Different types of cements have different properties which make them suitable for specific applications. Glass ionomers are commonly used as luting agents and can be used to bond metal or ceramic restorations to the tooth. Composite resin cements are also popular for bonding composite fillings to the tooth. Zinc phosphate cement is a very strong, permanent cement which is primarily used for crowns and bridges. Other materials such as acrylic resin cements, polycarboxylate cements and amalgam can also be used in various clinical procedures when appropriate. It is important to select the right type of dental cement based on the specific application, as each type of cement has its own unique properties and characteristics.

What is the best dental cement?

All of our dental cements are top of the line products that are all used for different procedures. Check out our Best dental cement blog to help you decide which one is best for your office needs.

What is the best temporary dental cement?

Since there's such a large selection to choose from, there’s no one best option. Our Best Temporary Dental Cement blog will help guide you to finding the right one for you.

How long will dental cement last?

Depending on the type of dental cement used, its longevity can vary from one or two years to up to over a decade. Resin cements last longer than traditional metallic cements and often have longer shelf lives as well. Cementation is a very important part of the restoration process, as it helps to ensure that the restoration will stay securely in place and be less likely to come loose over time. When properly applied, dental cements can provide reliable longevity and excellent oral health benefits.