Dental Handpiece Accessories

All our dental handpiece accessories come with a 110% price-match guarantee. If you find a lower price anywhere else we’ll beat it by 10%. If you’re not sure which dental handpiece accessory is best for you, give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

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Vector Hi-Performance Lubricant

Vector R & D
SKU: 405-VL-S

Multi-Spray 420ml

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-5010201

Midwest Plus Automate Spray 500ml

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest
SKU: 428-380180

Midwest Plus Aerosol Spray 250ml

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest
SKU: 428-380080M

DentaLube II Lubricant 1 oz.

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-262539

Lubrifluid Lubricant Spray 500mL/Can

Bien Air
SKU: 258-1600064-006

Once-A-Day Spray 8.8oz

Hu-Friedy - Palmero Sales Co Inc
SKU: 686-702

Highspeed 4 Hole Gasket Blue

House Brand
SKU: 999-HP400

Syringe Repair Kit Quick Clean

DCI International
SKU: 720-3066

Spraynet Cleaning Spray 500mL/Can

Bien Air
SKU: 258-1600036-006

Junk-Out High Speed Chuck Cleaner

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-263790

Midwest Plus Handpiece Cleaner 1ltr Refill

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest
SKU: 428-380141

Lubricant Spray Nozzle for the TwinPower Turbo - Kavo

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-5010293

Handpiece & Engine Arm Lubricant Medium Viscosity 1Pint

Buffalo Dental Mfg Co., Inc.
SKU: 276-49730

Midwest Plus Lubricant Oil Refill 8oz

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest
SKU: 428-380131

Lubrina Oil Absorption Pad 5/Pk

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-6812612

Lubrina Tray Filter

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-6812614

Water Regulator/Solenoid G131/G132

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-629205003

KaVo 181K Air Motor Non-Optic

SKU: 158-0535.5260

Click-Stomp Clamp

SKU: 158-0411.5412

Midwest Automate Kit

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest
SKU: 428-380400

Light Bulb 24V 70W

House Brand
SKU: 999-SE170

Holder Replacement Auto HP Gray

DCI International
SKU: 720-5961

DentaLube Lube Tip

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-202954

Titan E-lectric Lubricant

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-263022

Midwest LS Motor Adapter for Automate Vented

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest
SKU: 428-380421

Lubricant Spray Nozzle for TwinPower Turbine - Basic

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-16-7913095

Kavo Connex/Multiflex Maintenance Coupler

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest
SKU: 428-380450

Midwest Plus Handpiece Cleaner 8oz/Bt

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest
SKU: 428-380140

Junk-Out Cleaner Brushes 100/Pk

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-264970

NSK Compatible Coupling w/Light

AG Neovo
SKU: 277-CN4010

Kavo Compatible Coupling w/o Light

AG Neovo
SKU: 277-CK4000

Kavo Compatible Coupling w/Light

AG Neovo
SKU: 277-CK6010

Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Tubing 6-Pin Tan

Vector R & D

Star High Speed HP Lubricant 8.5oz

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-264183

Lubrina 2 LS Coupling (TorqTech Series)

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-7376774