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High Speed Handpieces

266 Products

O-Ring Kit for Swivel

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-259884

Dust-Inn 2000

Johnson Promident
SKU: 116-502900

Steri-Mate 30K Handpiece Black 3/Pk

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-78703

Steri-Mate 30K Handpiece Black

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-78688

Hydrolux Premium 4-Hole Push-Button Handpiece

3D Dental Designs & Development
SKU: 333-HP-PB

Buy 3 Get 1 Free! (Manufacturer Fulfilled)

430 SW Vortex Handpiece

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-262057

Air Torx Lubricant Spray Nozzle

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-16-7395337

Buy 3, Get 2 Basic Handpieces Free! (Manufacturer Fulfilled)

TwinPower Turbine PAR-4HEX-B-45 (4H) w/o Light

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-16-5606322

Cavitron Steri-Mate 30k Handpiece Gray 3/Pk

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-8183003

Cavitron Steri-Mate 30k Handpiece Gray

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-8183001

Cleanpac 10/Pk

SKU: 158-0411.9691

Air Torx O-Ring Set

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-16-5811560

LED Swivel

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-265400

Clean Out Wires 2/Pk

DentalEZ Group
SKU: 425-256719

Morita TwinPower Turbine 4H

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-16-5360838

High Speed Handpiece

High speed handpieces are commonly used in dentistry, providing clinicians with the well balanced tools they need to carry out various procedures. They are powered by compressed air or electricity and can rotate at high speeds, allowing for greater accuracy and increased efficiency when it remove enamel or other dental material.

High speed handpieces also come equipped with features such as water cooling systems, LED lighting, and vibration reduction technology to ensure maximum comfort for both clinician and patient. The range of attachments available for these handpieces make them versatile tools that can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks. They provide an invaluable resource in dental treatment.

The latest high speed dental handpieces come with improved cutting power and fiber optic lighting to improve visibility, making them an essential component of any dental lab or practice. They are designed to be lightweight and ergonomic, making them easy to use for extended periods of time. High speed handpieces also have the benefit of being relatively low maintenance, ensuring they remain reliable for years to come. All in all, these tools provide dental professionals with the power and accuracy needed to carry out their work effectively and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which high speed handpiece is best?
Each high speed handpiece has their own unique features and benefits. Therefore, your search for the high speed handpiece that is right for you depends on your practice needs. Click here for more information about the Best Dental Handpieces

How do high speed handpieces compare to low speed handpieces?
High speed dental lab handpiece offers more power and control than low speed handpieces but require proper training to use safely due to the increased risk of injury. Low speed handpieces are easier to operate compared to high speed handpieces but have a lower power output, which can limit the types of procedures that can be performed. Click here to view the article, High Speed vs Low Speed Handpiece to find out which one is right for you.

What is the speed range for a high speed handpiece?
The speed range of a high speed handpiece is between 300,000 to 450,000 RPM, depending on the brand.

How often should you clean a high speed handpiece?
A high speed handpiece should be cleaned after every patient to avoid contamination.

Which bur should I use for my high speed handpiece?
Diamond Burs are the most common bur to use with a high speed handpiece. Crazy Dental has a large variety of Diamond Burs available for any procedure.

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