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Root ZX II Apex Locator Probe Cord

J Morita USA, Inc.
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Root ZX II Apex Locator Ea

J Morita USA, Inc.
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Joypex Apex Locator Premium

3D Dental Designs & Development

Probe Cord for Root ZX Mini

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-8449716

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Root ZX Mini Apex Locator

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-5357934

Apex Connect Lip Hook 5/Pk

Kerr Endodontics
SKU: 813-815-1813

Long File Holder

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-8447047

Tri Auto ZX2 Probe Cord

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-8456062

Root ZX File Holders 3/Pk

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-4001981

Root ZX Probe Cord

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-107041

Root ZX II Micromotor TR800

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-7503950

TRI Auto-ZX Probe Cord

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-7503710

Universal Charger Adapter 110v

Kerr Endodontics
SKU: 813-973-0222

Root ZX II OTR Contra Head

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-8491895

Endo Express Handpiece

Essential Dental Systems
SKU: 785-5500-00

Apex Connect Apex Locator (US)

Kerr Endodontics
SKU: 813-815-1802

Tri Auto ZX File Electrode

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-7503735

Root ZX II OTR A/C Adapter

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-7504060

Touch N Heat Spoon Tip

Kerr Endodontics
SKU: 813-973-0218

OTR File Electrode Kit External Type

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-8491879

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Root ZX II OTR Module

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-5361257

Root ZX II File Electrode

J Morita USA, Inc.
SKU: 648-24-7503988

Endo Express Replacement Head

Essential Dental Systems
SKU: 785-5500TEP

Endo-Express Steri-Tracker

Essential Dental Systems
SKU: 785-5000-75

Elements Connect Contra Angle

Kerr Endodontics
SKU: 813-815-1808

Apex Connect Battery

Kerr Endodontics
SKU: 813-815-1817

Apex Connect File Holder B

Kerr Endodontics
SKU: 813-815-1816

Endo Handpieces

Dental endo handpieces are specialized tools used in endodontic procedures. These devices help to clean and shape canals, so that a dentist can more effectively administer treatment and seal the tooth with a filling. Endo handpieces use high-speed rotation to create a precise cut for removing infected or deteriorated tissue. They also come with interchangeable instruments for shaping and smoothing the interior of the canals. With their precise control and reliable performance, dental endo handpieces are an essential tool in many dentistry procedures.


These endo pieces make it possible for dentists to access hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, allowing them to perform a variety of treatments with greater precision without file breakage. The dental handpiece also offers several safety features that help protect both the patient and practitioner during dental procedures. With their various features and capabilities, endodontic handpieces are an invaluable part of most modern dental systems.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an endo handpiece?

  • Dental endodontic handpieces are rotary tools that are used by dentists to perform root canal treatments. They typically contain a drill head, which can be powered either manually or electronically, as well as other components such as an irrigation system and a collection chamber for debris removal. 


What is an endo handpiece used for?

  • Dental endodontic handpieces are specialized pieces of dental equipment that are used to clean, shape and prepare the inner surfaces of a tooth for various treatments. They come in two main forms: electric and air-driven, making them the perfect endodontic solution.

Which endodontics handpiece is the best?

  • All of our endodontic handpieces are great for different reasons, depending on the purpose. Manufacturers such as J. Morita USA has a variety to choose from. Such as cordless, push button start, e type, auto reverse feature, small endodontic files and micro heads. There is an endodontic handpiece fit for every need. 


What is the speed range of an endo handpiece?

  • The speed range of an endodontic handpiece goes from 100 RPM - 450,000 RPM depending on which one you have. 


What type of endo handpiece operates at speeds of up to 450,000 RPM?

  • High speed handpieces can work up to 450,000 RPM and provide the best results  for important essential dental systems.


How do you choose an endo motor?

  • When selecting an endodontic motor, it is important to consider the rotational speed of the tool. The ideal rotational speed for an endodontic motor should be between 100 and 350 RPM. This will provide a balance between having enough power to safely break up debris while not going too fast and risking damaging the dental structures. 


How often do you have to replace an endo handpiece? 

  • Endodontic handpieces are an integral part of any dental procedure, and it is important to make sure they are regularly inspected and replaced when necessary. Generally, endodontic handpieces should be replaced every one to two years depending on usage frequency. It is recommended that dentists inspect their handpiece after every use for signs of wear and tear in order to ensure optimum performance. Many of our manufacturers also offer extended warranty programs to cover any parts or repairs that may be necessary.