Orthodontic Instruments

All our orthodontic instruments come with a 110% price-match guarantee. If you find a lower price anywhere else we’ll beat it by 10%. If you’re not sure which orthodontic instrument is best for you, give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

122 Products

Richwil Crown & Bridge Remover 50/bx

Almore International, Inc.
SKU: 324-33800

50 KY Replacement Rubber Tips 50/Pk

GC America, Inc.
SKU: 677-000237

Crown Remover Nemetz

Gingi-Pak Pharmaceutical
SKU: 208-30500

Christensen Crown Remover Straight

SKU: 616-CRCH1

GC Pliers

GC America, Inc.
SKU: 677-800111

Christensen Crown Remover 90 Degrees

SKU: 616-CRCH2

Crown Remover w/Silicone Tip

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN07-898C

Band Seater 6'' Autoclavable

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN07-835

Wynman Crown Gripper

Miltex Instrument
SKU: 768-72-10TC

Temporary Crown Remover


Band Pusher #300

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN07-825

Crown Remover Set W/2 Points

Premier Dental
SKU: 424-1003151

Plier Orthodontic Bird Peak #139 Short

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-139

Plier Orthodontic Johnson Contouring #114

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-114

Primary Crown Crimping Pliers 421S

Miltex Instrument
SKU: 768-74-100

Plier Orthodontic How Straight #110

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-110

Bird Beak Plier #140

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-140

Distal End Cutter #16

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-016

Plier Orthodontic Clasp Adjusting #200

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-200

Oliver Band Remover #347

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-347

Pin & Ligature Cutter #1002 Elite

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN29-1002

Distal End Cutter #16 Small

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-017

Posterior Band Long #347L Elite

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN29-349

Bracket Placer 4.25" Posterior

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN55-0009

Band Remover Tip Elite 4/Pk

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN29-998

Direct Bracket Remover #348 Elite

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN29-348

Posterior Band Short #347 Elite

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN29-347

Weingart Plier #861

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-861

Pin & Ligature Cutter #150S Small

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-151

Crown Remover Morrell W/3 Tips

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN07-898

Baade Band Removing Plier

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-255

Wire Cutter #7001 Elite

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN29-7001

Crown Remover - Flashing

Premier Dental
SKU: 424-1003576

Ligature Director DE

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN07-812

Bracket Placer 5.25" Anterior

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN55-0008

MetaLIFT Crown Removal Instrument Regular

Hager Worldwide, Inc.
SKU: 772-452222

Picker/Ligature Director #6 Handle

SKU: 616-678-916

Diagonal Hard Wire Cutter

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-177

How Plier #111 Curved

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-111

Wire Bending Plier #53

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN09-053

Band Pusher/Scaler #300S

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN07-820

Clasp Adjust Plier #200 Elite

House Brand
SKU: 999-IN29-200

Three Jaw Plier Aderer

Pomee USA Inc.
SKU: 381-7113

Crown Adapter Pliers

SKU: 204-CRN2709